This is a campaign that will make sure that the patriotism of the quiet majority will be heard alongside the voices of the committed few. We share a common platform on this single issue because, along with so many of our fellow Scots, we believe that a better future for ourselves and our children is as a partner in the United Kingdom.


Alistair Darling’s speech in Edinburgh launching the Better Together campaign



Have your say ahead of the referendum


Welcome to the No Scotland Blog. Here you will find links to all the latest news and features on the Scottish Independence Referendum from both Yes and No camps.

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  1. never seen so many people wanting to vote to be taxed out of existance,(aren`t we the lucky ones they are going to tax us even more?)

    • Are you suggesting that taxes will not be much higher if we get independence? Someone has to pay that £17.1 billion annual Scottish overspend (http://www.scotland.gov.uk/Topics/Statistics/Browse/Economy/Q/pno/3)

      • so how much do you think we will save not paying for trident,or the ex MP`s retirement home in London +the scotish MP,s, ohh and don`t forget jumping into wars whenever a US president whistles

      • Hey – for better or worse, we are where we are – or will be tomorrow morning. None of us know, none of us can influence anything now, so what’s the point in getting up-tight about might-have-beens. Whatever will be will now be and half the population who didn’t vote for it will have to button it and make the best of it. Taxes may go up or may not – arguing now won’t make any difference !!

        Time to chill, and reach for that dram/pint/whatever! Decide tomorrow if you were celebrating or drowning sorrows – either way the dram still can get drunk :)

    • Are you suggesting Scots pay for or will save if there’s no Trident. UK pays for Trident + £17.1 billion overspend, plus a whole lot more that Scotland benefits from. To make it worse, large corporations and jobs will go south and there’s a fraction chance that anyone would see Scotland as a place to invest or site manufacture now that the thug mentality of YesNP is well broadcast (what business manager wants that?). Then there’s a ton of other things that Scotland will lose, as well as friends…

      • You have obviously been listening and worse believing the no campaign`s propaganda. Probably the BBC`s too.It sees they have a different meaning for the word MOB for example.Take the protest at Pacific quay last week,I was there, it was more a party than a threat to anyone.


  1. […] I came across John’s post at a No website that tries to debate issues despite Cybernats bullying. John put it this […]

  2. […] An informative article on a No to Scottish independence website was delivered to me today. It adds another perspective to arguments by both Better Together and Yes to independence. For the full article, by North Sea geologist Joe H, see noscotland.net/comment-page-51/#comment-8465. […]

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